Rallytech Paddles - Satin Black
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Installing Rallytech Paddles is a great way to enhance functionality and appearance of your OEM hidden shifters. Our paddles extend upward and downward providing a larger shifting surface, giving you more places to shift from when your hands are on the wheel. Our paddles also extend towards your fingertips, providing for a shorter reach of the Paddle Shifters.
Rallytech Paddle Extensions attach to your OEM Paddles using provided 3M VHB adhesive, thereby utilizing your OEM paddle mechanism. There is no need to remove the airbag or to take apart the steering wheel. Installation takes no more than a few minutes.
Our Rallytech Shift Paddles feature
- ABS Plastic Construction.
- Satin Black OEM+ finish.
- Sold as a set, includes two paddles- left and right side.
- Attach using supplied 3M VHB adhesive.
- Applicable for following Audi Models:
-('06-'12) Audi A3/S3/RS
-('06-'12) Audi A4/S
-('08-'12) Audi A5/S5/RS
-('06-'12) Audi A6/S6/RS
-('06-'12) Audi A8/S
-('09-'12) Audi Q5     
-('07-'12) Audi Q7     
-('07-'12) Audi TT/TTS
-('07-'12) Audi R8

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Rallytech Paddles - Satin Black

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